UHY Germany AG

UHY Deutschland AG

UHY Wahlen & Mannsky PartGmbB has shares in the UHY Deutschland AG auditing company. UHY Deutschland AG is a joint venture of longstanding auditing and tax consultancy companies.

UHY Deutschland AG can be reached by its clients with its branch offices in Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne, Bremen, Hamburg and Frankfurt.

The firms involved in it work with a total of some 250 staff and partners, including 30 auditors, 30 tax consultants and 30 lawyers. We belong to the Top 25 of the sector in Germany.

The aim of the collaboration in UHY Deutschland AG is to be able to offer our clients first-class audit and consultancy services nationwide through the combined know-how of all staff and partners. UHY Deutschland AG takes part in the German system of quality control for auditors (peer review), hence it is authorized to carry out all statutory audits of accounts.

UHY Deutschland AG is registered with the US American PCAOB (Public Company Accounting Oversight Board). This registration is required to audit German subsidiaries of firms listed in United States. Only a few German auditing companies are registered with the PCAOB.

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